Wednesday, 1 June 2016

How to cook Rice with Rice Cooker

1 cup (240ml) of rice usually serves 2 people.
Rice & Water Ratio
For cooking white rice using an electronic rice cooker, the rice-water ratio is usually 1 part of rice & 1 part of water. Rice:Water=1:1
The ratio may vary a little depending on the brand of rice and your personal preference. Some people like their rice more watery than others.
2 cups rice -> 2 cups water
3 cups rice -> 3 cups water
4 cups rice -> 4 cups water
5 cups rice -> 5 cups water
If you use a pot the ratio is different.
For mixed (multigrain) rice, the ratio is completely different. See cooking multigrain rice using a rice cooker and cooking multigrain rice in a pot.


Ingredient amounts in the recipe instructions are for the default serving size.

Ingredient amounts in the recipe summary are for the default serving size.

1. Wash rice

Wash 1 cup of rice in cold water. Do not rub it too hard or too long as it will lose nutrients. Wash twice in total. Second time, drain the water as much as possible without losing the rice grains.
Wash rice
  • in cold water
  • gently
  • twice
drain completely

2. Add water

Add 1 cup of water. *See tips for water ratio for different amounts.
Add 1 cup of water

3. Cook

Place it in the rice cooker and select white rice (if there is an option). It’s best to leave it (don’t open) for 5-10 min even after the cooking completion light has come on.
Place in the rice cooker

4. Serve

With a rice spatula, flip through the rice very gently. Serve in a rice bowl.
Flip rice gently
Serve in a bowl

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