Wednesday, 3 February 2016

how to place a Jackpot via sms

step 1.
sms to 79079 "JP" and the 13 predictions of pre-determined games.

step 2.
its format is: JP#1X22222XXXX11

Step 3.
you will receive a confirmation sms for your bet with possible Jackpot win.

NB. 1. You are a winner when all your 13 predictions match with the games outcomes.Jackpot is equally shared among all winners.

NB. 2. One does not have to enter the stake since Jackpot amount by default is kshs. 100.

How to withdraw money from Sportpesa

How to Withdraw Money from SportPesa to Mpesa through SMS
  1. Go to your phone (that you use to login to SportPesa). Create a new text message.
  1. Enter W#AMOUNT#SPESA PIN (E.g. W#1000#1432)
  1. Send the SMS to 79079
  1. You will immediately receive the amount you have specified through Mpesa.
  1. On the Sportpesa website, Use your username (phone number) and password to login to your SportPesa account
  1. Once logged in, you will be able to see the amount of money in your account.
  1. Click on withdrawal
  1. Enter your mobile number that you used to register on Sportpesa.
  1. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw from SportPesa to Mpesa.
  1. Enter the phone number where you want the amount withdrawn to, incase it’s not your mobile number.
  1. Click on withdraw and wait for confirmation message.
  • You cannot withdraw money directly to your bank account. You can only withdraw to Mpesa then forward to your bank if the bank has mobile payment platforms.
  • Sportpesa does not charge any money for withdrawals and the only charges applicable are those from Safaricom
  • Sportpesa does not induce one to send money to a particular number in order for them to get their cash prize.
  • Mpesa transaction Limits do apply.

You will need access to your Sportpesa Account and you need to have your pin or password ready. If you forgot any, don’t worry. Simply create a new SportPesa account PIN by sending an SMS with the words CHANGE PIN XXXX to 79079 or click forgot PIN on the Sportpesa website and create a new pin.

How to Withdraw Money from SportPesa to Mpesa through online

Important points to Note about Sportpesa cash withdrawal.

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