Sunday, 29 November 2015

Introducing the Equitel Thin SIM

The equitel thin SIM is a paper thin SIM that is laid onto an ordinary SIM card.

The Thin SIM is carefully placed over your current SIM card by well-trained Equity Bank staff.

Once installed, you should not tamper with your sim cards.

Thin SIM technology turns any phone  into a dual sim phone.You don't have to worry about losing or damaging your sim cards, because they are both placed securely in your phone.

To switch from your Equitel line to your alternative sim card.

        -> Just dial 076300 and press the call takes about a minute.

        ->in case you are in an area with poor network (less than two bars of network), go to the equitel SIM menu, select YES, then restart your phone.

The thin sim technology is secure and there is no interference between the two sim cards.In fact, you can only access one line at a time.

If however, you want to receive calls from both lines,set up call forwarding for either your Equitel line or your alternative line .( calling rates apply).

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