Thursday, 15 October 2015

Track your friends location via Airtel's mLocator .

Track your friends location via mLocator

First of its kind in Kenya. mLocator allows you to
find anybody with an airtel line. You can have peace
of mind, secure your family and loved ones by
knowing where they are; join your friends for
activities where they are and maximize profits by
knowing where your employees on the go are.
However consent will be required for the first
location request only.
You can find others without calling them. mLocator
is easy to use and the service is free until 30th
September 2013.

1. Type FIND followed by phone numbere.g.
FIND 073xxxxxxx . Send SMS command to
the number 30100
Note: Nothing will happen until the SMS
receiver accepts the new locator

2. To use a nickname, add it after the number
e.g. FIND 073xxxxxxx Steve, after that
FIND Steve is sufficient

3. To cancel one specific locator, Type STOP
followed by phone number e.g. STOP
073xxxxxxx .
Note: STOP without a phone number cancels all
locating rights of others and your locating rights to
Service commands:

1. LIST – who can locate me, who can I

2. YES – response giving consent for the
other person to locate me

3. WHO – who has located me during the past
24 hours

4. HIDE – you cannot be located for 24 hours.

5. UNHIDE to enable location requests

6. SOS -people who have locating rights on
you (only up to 5 persons, the last ones
accepted) receive message that you are in
trouble and your location

7. OK – people who have locating rights on
you (only up to 5 persons, the last ones
accepted) receive message that you are ok
and your location

8. HELP – short description how the service
Once a month you will receive a list of who can
locate you provided that you were located by
somebody during the previous month. Once you give
the FIND rights for the first time, you will receive a
notification the next day on who can locate you and
who you can locate.
To automatically change the language use the
command in preferred language e.g. “ TAFUTA ”
instead of “FIND” changes the language to Swahili.
mLocator application for Internet phones

1. Only one click is needed to FIND another

2. Download from here: http://
mLocator is available on Android, Blackberry and Java
Benefits of the service:

1. Your user privacy is fully protected – the
service will require consent to allow
someone to locate you
2. Full transparency – user will know who is
able to locate him or her and how many
times he or she has been located
3. Easy to use – you require a few commands
to manage the service e.g. You can send a
text with the word STOP to 30100 to cancel
location rights of all others. Alternatively
you can send a text with the word STOP
followed by specific phone number to
cancel location rights of one person etc.

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