Thursday, 15 October 2015

Safaricom,airtel,orange and yu ussd codes


Safaricom service shortcuts

132 to retrieve voice-mail messages

*126# to access bonga points menu

*131# for okoa jahazi: emergency credit

*144*4# to check okoa jahazi debt

*130*number# for sending please call me

*141*scratch-card number# to top your number

*144# to check airtime balance

*188# subscribe to bulk texts

*100# self-care Option and dial 7 to get premium services and Unsubscribe

*544# to subscribe to data or purchase data for another line

*450*1# shortcut to get data balance

Unsubscribing to skiza tune  :Dial *811#OK select manage my tunes and follow prompts to delete.

Dial 100 for customer care


Orange service shortcuts

Dial 123 to subscribe to data

#123#  to access main menu/general menu

Sms 131 to 131 to get data balance

Sms *132*amount*number# to 132 to sambaza airtime

*131# to check airtime balance

*132*scratchcardnumber# to top up airtime

Dial 100 for customer care


Airtel USSD shortcuts

Dial *100# for Airtel menu

To unsubscribe to services send STOP to  247

*131# to check airtime balance

to sambaza/me2u:

Register for me2u to obtain pin then:

send text 2u number amount pin,  sms to 5050

Or go to Airtel services > me2u>follow instructions

*544# for data bundles for your phone or purchase them for another line

*133*scratchcardnumber# to topup

Dial 100 for customer care

Kopa credo or internet bundles:

Dial*221# or Dial *100# go to Smart Services, select Kopa Credo.

*133*4# to check you debt

*120# to subscribe to club 20 and get 100 mb @ 20bob

*515# to access wikipedia



*122# to access main menu

*256# to call for free for yu to yu calls only

*544# to access data bundles services

*131# to check for airtime balance

Send blank SMS to 126 – Credo4yu for  emergency airtime

*140*amount*number#  To sambaza airtime


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