Thursday, 15 October 2015

Connecting phone and computer using a Bluetooth adaptor

Connect Phone & Computer
using a Bluetooth adaptor.

Almost all phones today come ready with bluetooth capacity
and memory card slots.

However these two feature are also now being offered in
nokia phones at reasonable prices.
Having the phone however is not the issue, the issue is
whether you know how utilise the features on your phone.

Many people spends tens of thousands on a phone that they
then use only a tenth of the features they paid for! Well let
here is one other way to get value for your money!

To connect your bluetooth enabled phone to your laptop or
Desktop computer the computer needs also to be blue tooth
enabled. If your make does not have the bluetooth feature
preinstalled, all you need is a USB bluetooth adaptor. This is
available in local computer shops in Nairobi. This is how it
looks (see the tiny black USB device):

The best thing with this device is that it is a plug and play,
without the need for a software. This basically means
whatever machine you connect it to, it automatically
becomes bluetooth enabled, whether in the office, cyber, at
home… anywhere, any machine!

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