Monday, 8 July 2019

How to view photos on Facebook free Data mode via Facebook Lite

1. Turn off your mobile data

2. Go to the settings of your phone > Go
to applications > Find “Facebook
Lite” > and Tap “Clear Data”

3. Next, Turn on your data

4. Open a web browser of your choice >
Go to > Login
your Facebook account

5. Open FB Lite App > Login with your

6. Go back to the web browser > Find
the “You’re on free mode” > and
tap the question mark symbol “?”

7. Tap “Turn off this feature” (You
might get an error message Saying
“Site cannot be reached“). Ignore it

8. Now go back to your Facebook Lite

9. Login and see how your Facebook
Lite works perfectly.

10. Good luck


you can hide your folders using cmd  in
such that they will be
completely hidden.

Step 1:
Launch Command Prompt, and
navigate to the directory
where your target folder

Step 2:
Type “Attrib +h +s +r folder_name“, replacing the
“folder_name” with the name
of the folder that you want to
hide, and press Enter.

You can now check that the
folder is hidden inside
Windows Explorer.

Step 3:
To unhide the folder, you can
use the command “Attrib -h -s
-r folder_name“.

Step 4:
 Hidden folders can be viewed
using the cmd command “dir /AH”